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Why Do I Feel Sick After Getting a Cavity Filled?

At some point in time, a dentist may fill your cavity. Once they do so, there’s a good chance you may feel a bit sick and uncomfortable. Rest assured this is completely normal. A cavity will likely cause your mouth to feel numb for a few hours afterwards. You may also notice some soreness and/or sensitivity.

Sometimes, the sensitivity will go on for several days or even a few weeks. This occurs because the nerves of the filled tooth will send pain signals to the surrounding teeth and gums. If you feel sensitivity or a sick feeling, don’t worry. Chances are there’s nothing wrong. However, if your sensitivity persists and you don’t feel like yourself shortly after your filling, visit the dentist. With Covid-19 being a part of everyday life, even with weekly Covid testing for many businesses, you may feel unwell for other reasons than a cavity filling.

What to Do After a Cavity Filling

After you get your cavity filled, be sure to wait a few hours before you eat or drink. Also, don’t chew on the numb side or you may accidentally bite your tongue or lip. Try to stick to soft foods like mashed potatoes and yogurt.

Since you may be dehydrated, drink water right away. The water will improve the way your body functions and even reduce any nausea you may be experiencing. You can also try tea or a carbonated drink like ginger ale. These drinks may also keep you hydrated and help you feel better.

If your sensitivity or sick feeling is extreme, the dentist may suggest an over-the-counter or prescription medication. Typically, however, you’ll feel normal after a few hours and be able to resume your daily duties like work, school, and childcare responsibilities. A cavity filling is one of the safest and most popular dental procedures so you don’t have to be concerned of any serious side effects that may disrupt your life. Our Garner, NC dental friends at Moore Family Dentistry always encourage patients to address oral health concerns early rather than late.

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You can read this article in Spanish here – ¿Por qué me siento enfermo después de llenar una caries?

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